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Adams vintage cowboy puzzle

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"You are insulting my English?"

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Nick took a step back, stammered and shuffled his feet as he tried quickly to come up with an explanation for the note that wouldn't upset Monica.

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  1. Adams vintage cowboy puzzle
    Akibei8 months ago

    ": I don't see no Americans. I see trespassers, Irish harps. Do a job for a nickel what a n***** does for a dime and a white man used to get a quarter for. "

  2. Brashura
    Brashura8 months ago

    Our scientific efforts have not been exerted on proving that cancer exists, that is not the scientific exercise, we have known that cancer exists for thousands of years or since dead people were first cut up and inspected. What we do not know is if there is a "cure" for cancer that exists. After thousands of unsuccessful experimental trials, should we conclude that a "cure" does not exist, that these failures prove no cure exists?

  3. Adams vintage cowboy puzzle
    Faut8 months ago

    It is not universally valid or accepted. Your argument rests solely on credulity and assertions.

  4. Знакомства
    Yoran8 months ago

    (1) They tried to. I literally quoted to you from Acts where the Jews try to reel Paul in, and he defends himself as a Roman citizen entitled to trial in Rome. (Read the chapters: Paul makes a mistake, it's interesting.)

  5. Milkree
    Milkree7 months ago

    I once read that Darwin got his theory of evolution from a Jesuit priest. In other words, Catholicism. It may not necessarily follow, but Catholicism teaches and endorses several damnable heresies.

  6. Zulukinos
    Zulukinos7 months ago

    Ok. I understand. ??

  7. Shakakasa
    Shakakasa7 months ago

    Hey! You look like William Shatner at his best. If you can't score we're all without hope. :)

  8. Знакомства
    Zoloktilar7 months ago

    What physical and legislative "sticks" were those?

  9. Mohn
    Mohn7 months ago

    I would say that you?re ignorant of scripture and history...

  10. Знакомства
    Faegore7 months ago

    It's maddening here sometimes Anton..

  11. Gakora
    Gakora6 months ago

    What does ANY of this have to do with Christianity or religion in general? This just seems like the same ill-considered right-wing talking points we hashed over last week.

  12. Meztidal
    Meztidal6 months ago

    You wanna win? Put Boobie in.

  13. Fern
    Fern6 months ago

    "It is believed." Ain't the passive voice neat?

  14. Kagazragore
    Kagazragore6 months ago

    She makes a living on her knees .

  15. Sakus
    Sakus6 months ago

    I doubt I do have it backwards, your posts are fairly clear. All those illegal scammers and fraudsters need to be stopped by - wait for it - a government with force to back up their laws. The exact kind of thing you rail against. The free market allows everyone, both genuine business and fraudsters alike. Good regulation on capitalism keeps the system more honest and makes it harder for fraudsters to operate. The weaker the Government and regulation, the freer fraudsters are to operate.

  16. Adams vintage cowboy puzzle
    Faekazahn5 months ago

    Really nothing at all? evertything in this universe can can best test and observed?

  17. Adams vintage cowboy puzzle
    Goltimuro5 months ago

    I agree with you. The joke is Islamophobia.

  18. Знакомства
    Fenrirg5 months ago

    Eh, unless TFCC expands on what he wants this thought experiment to mean, I'm happy using it as a proxy for "these are traits I value."

  19. Ferg
    Ferg5 months ago

    Oh you know that the flood could not have happened, reason being sloths.

  20. Kajigar
    Kajigar5 months ago

    You can't prove to exist period.

  21. Знакомства
    Tocage5 months ago

    "Cuckservative" has been used.

  22. Знакомства
    Shaktitaur4 months ago

    Plotinus lives! Excellent. Actually, Bohm's Implicit Order is a very similar idea.

  23. Met
    Met4 months ago

    Why are you people suchfucking cowards? It's a fact. there are a dozen studies or so that show conservatives are more cowardly than progressives.

  24. Tygogami
    Tygogami4 months ago

    Charles continued his affair with Camilla while he was married to Diana. Royalty considered Diana a brood mare just to have children for the throne. Carmilla didn't qualify.

  25. Adams vintage cowboy puzzle
    Malalrajas4 months ago

    So Ed, before I answer your question, I need to ask you one to understand your frame of reference.

  26. Adams vintage cowboy puzzle
    Yodal3 months ago

    If everything is viewed separate then no connections can be made.

  27. Знакомства
    Kagor3 months ago

    How is claiming to be "IAM" not blasphemy?

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