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"Don?t worry about ?home credits? it?s, nothing more than a scam. Consumers will appriciate tax reductions and lower energy costs over all."

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  1. Знакомства
    Doull11 months ago

    Pro fetus/ forced birth folks do not understand body autonomy

  2. Nikogore
    Nikogore11 months ago

    lol IQs are not very indicative of intelligence but if you claim one of 70, I'll take your word for it.

  3. Знакомства
    Fenrik11 months ago

    Yes. When you create a system where the majority of beings burn in hell, and you know it even before you create it... that?s sheer evil.

  4. Daikus
    Daikus11 months ago

    We call them malcontents and criminals. The fact that everyone has their own priorities is the reason we need governments and laws, or all you end up with is strong men and gangsters lording it over the rest of us.

  5. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Kenris10 months ago

    We are judged not by our actions but by the motives behind them. Of course I'm sure you know this. You're just pretending to be stupid in order to engage me in some sort of joust you think you're going to win.

  6. Знакомства
    Kerisar10 months ago

    Being unexplainable points towards order of an infinite degree. For example, genetics is understandable, yet what initiated everything.. so, I'm overwhelmed that God made ME! For himself. I can't prove him to you, but I do choose him. And it surely is a fine line between yes and no.

  7. Vugal
    Vugal10 months ago

    LOL such a hypocrite. You are all of a sudden against the "fascist police state" but you wouldn't give a crap if they were raiding folks you didnt like.

  8. Jugul
    Jugul10 months ago

    You can't change the demographic. It's apples and oranges. Being white or black is superficial, not a behavior.

  9. Знакомства
    Mikazilkree10 months ago

    I did not know this.

  10. Знакомства
    Faedal10 months ago

    I know....if only I knew someone to help.

  11. Tushakar
    Tushakar10 months ago

    Most law schools are discriminatory. By definition, one has to have a certain GPA, abilities, and of course enough money (law school is post undergrad, so financial aid is pretty well nonexistent.

  12. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Vudozragore10 months ago

    An unexpected error has occurred.

  13. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Nemuro9 months ago

    At 55 years of age I think you've already lived out the good majority of your life. If you aren't happy with it then by then you should have a right to end it. Especially under certain circumstances that are truly 'hopeless' such as illness.

  14. Daikree
    Daikree9 months ago

    I only feel oppressed when I allow myself to be oppressed. I'm very insubordinate in a willfully rebellious way so I have never really felt oppressed.

  15. Intitle index of mpg cum
    JoJozshura9 months ago

    Which, was not created by Christ himself, who said all the old rules still counted. Hell he was more strict on divorce then Moses. Paul however, hated jews, gods he hated them and so did his church.

  16. Kazraramar
    Kazraramar9 months ago

    All men are evil...

  17. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Brall9 months ago

    That's depressing AF lol

  18. Знакомства
    Mejas9 months ago

    the cuts were initiated under Bob Rae

  19. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Meztitaxe8 months ago

    Really ! Have you noticed that this is all about belief ? Have I not just said that I'm only speaking on behalf of Christians? Therefore, it's all about the Christian faith, isn't it?

  20. Meztijar
    Meztijar8 months ago

    I recommend you go read about the case, the arguments, the conversations between the judges and the attorneys. Remove your sentimentalism for a second andTRY to comprehend the points coming from both sides. If not, stay yelling "bigot" if it brings you joy.

  21. Знакомства
    Mojinn8 months ago

    Neither of those questions is a relevant conclusion based on my actual words. You seem to be looking for a fight, which is not my interest.

  22. Знакомства
    Fenrir8 months ago

    It sounds too religious for me, sue, I do not believe in self created, or eternally existing "stuff", or self created or eternally existing gods. Neither of those are found anywhere in nature. Rather, if our Universe is like what we observe in nature, it is merely the natural child of other physically existing "living" Universes like our own, because that is what we see in nature.^

  23. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Daishakar7 months ago

    This guy and your post are really disgusting.

  24. Yocage
    Yocage7 months ago

    This is so grating. I see it from men on both sides of politics. it doesn't matter who the woman is. They will find something nasty to say about their looks whether it's Ivanka or Hillary Clinton. Because these people believe that the worst insult they can give a woman is about her looks. Because these people think that's the only thing women offer.

  25. Tojasida
    Tojasida7 months ago

    Please stop playing the race card.

  26. Знакомства
    Nele7 months ago

    The TV show "Life in Pieces" just did a segment on this where the boys were sent by wife/mom to a lingerie store to buy something for their daughter/sister.

  27. Felkis
    Felkis7 months ago

    "Arnold is being overly-simplistic in distilling critical thinking and social interaction to the understanding of such proofs."

  28. Intitle index of mpg cum
    Kahn7 months ago

    I have talked to him a lot...can't believe I missed that detail...lol..what kind of woman am I?..lol

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