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"... Prepon is a scientologist? D:"

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  1. Zulumi
    Zulumi1 year ago

    my money is on the 911 caller being a democrat

  2. Dukus
    Dukus1 year ago

    I often wonder, taking a verse from the bible, how Christians who seek to persecute others, would like to have done unto them as they want to do unto others?

  3. Yojinn
    Yojinn11 months ago

    No, I mean their literally is a "Book of Q". You can probably buy it on Amazon. And, you seem to forget that there was an oral tradition that was dominant at that time.

  4. Samubar
    Samubar11 months ago

    If that were true, it isn't working.

  5. Sex scenes in bollywood movies
    Shakarisar11 months ago

    This discussion and issue is not new, and is primarily based on who the offended parties are at any given time.

  6. Знакомства
    Vudorisar11 months ago

    Start with basic reading comprehension, please.

  7. Malara
    Malara11 months ago

    Any law that is applied to the general public is an example of objective morality.

  8. Digrel
    Digrel10 months ago

    Yeah sure. Amazing how gullible people can be. Ever wonder why those prophecies were fulfilled just so? The New Testament writers ripped those supposed prophecies out of their original context and used them to pound their mythical Jesus into the role of a coming messiah. The Bible says over and over, "Jesus did so and so, so that this certain prophecy would be fulfilled." Sure he did. Saying it doesn't make it so. The New Testament is the most obvious fraud ever produced or pulled. Any Jewish scholar can tell you what all those prophecies were really about.

  9. Sex scenes in bollywood movies
    Gardajas10 months ago

    I haven't blocked any mods... and lol this is the only channel I actually comment on. On blogs that have disqus enabled as an add-on, I have blocked posters in the past. Typically these are the ones who are crazy (like saying religious stuff all the time), have offensive content and hurtle abuse, posters that don't know how to articulate their viewpoint without insulting others, or posters that don't know how to end a discussion.. One of my pet peeves is people who think that because you don't agree with their viewpoint and you're not interested in debating ad nauseam on the internet that either you can't prove your point, can't handle differing viewpoints, or are ignorant. Lol meanwhile I'm like, we ain't [yes I said AIN'T not aren't] getting paid for keystrokes on the discuss forums bruh. We aren't over here discussing quantum theory... ain't nobody got time for that lol.

  10. Tojasar
    Tojasar10 months ago

    OMG! Can you imagine when you prove evolution false you will be no closer to verifying or proving ID or creationism is real or correct than when evolution was the answer.

  11. Kazizil
    Kazizil10 months ago

    This isn't about the law, it's about the policy, despite what you may believe. Trump can end the policy with one word, but he won't do that. Those children are basically his political hostages. The policy has separated over 2000 children from their parents in just six weeks, Nothing like that was even approached under the law, on it's own.

  12. Vudonris
    Vudonris9 months ago

    Well if we're making this motherhood thing a competition, technically, moms who adopt are more of a mom than moms who just get knocked up. They have to put actual effort, time,numerous interviews,money, and lots of thought into having their baby. Same with IVF moms. Tons of effort=more mom than regular 'my vag did things w his wiener and now I'm knocked up' moms.

  13. Знакомства
    Dura9 months ago

    But, but the magic knickers.

  14. Shakagami
    Shakagami9 months ago

    Yes, you are right... we've all been collectively losing for years and years... but only some of us know that.

  15. Sex scenes in bollywood movies
    Faerisar9 months ago

    But... tree full of breasts for unbaptized infants?

  16. Akinojin
    Akinojin9 months ago

    Sure, until someone or something turns up the heat. Stress brings out the real atheistic moral code.

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