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The pledge of allegiance in latin

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"The office shredders will be working overtime, too."

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  1. The pledge of allegiance in latin
    Bracage6 months ago

    NO, you wouldn't because according to the scenario, at that point it's ALL engulfed in total flame and they would be dead at that point.

  2. The pledge of allegiance in latin
    Shaktikora6 months ago

    No, I don't agree. I put a value on liberty. Liberty should only be traded for extreme oppression - like slavery. To trade liberty for the satisfaction of punishing someone who simply doesn't agree with you - sorry, I find that a bit obscene actually, to value one's freedom so little. I do not want government running my life, and the price I am willing to pay for this freedom is that I don't ask them to run your life either.

  3. Shakagrel
    Shakagrel6 months ago

    1,000 year gap between what and what?

  4. Nezahn
    Nezahn5 months ago

    You have no objective measure on which to validate your morals either. If that were the case, Christians would never do anything immoral.

  5. Kigazil
    Kigazil5 months ago

    I hear the green light was given for Bill & Ted's 3. I don't know. Bogus Journey was terrible from what I remember.

  6. Знакомства
    Samugor5 months ago

    I wonder what Trudeau's plan was by telling the press about a private call with Trump? Was it an attempt to embarrass him? If that was his plan I don't believe it will work out well for him or Canada, as I don't believe Trump is the kind of man will take that lightly. IMO if Trump wants to deal with Canada separately from Mexico he should jump on the opportunity. Trump is after Mexico for good reason, the trade deficit with Mexico was $55.6 B in 2016. Canada's trade with Mexico is small in comparison, but our trade deficit with Mexico in 2016 was $8B. On the other side of the equation the US had a trade surplus with Canada in 2016 of $12.5B, so Trudeau would have a great bargaining chip if he would deal with Trump on NAFTA directly without siding with Mexico.

  7. Domuro
    Domuro5 months ago

    Yeah, I think people's unwillingness to think Jesus was historical because of the miraculous claims is more based on just ignorance of the historical period. *Lots* of figures from this time period were claimed to have had miraculous abilities and be the sons of a God - Apollonius of Tyana, Pythagoras, various Emperors. There were numerous individuals who were thought to have miraculous abilities (Honi the Circle Makers, Hanina Ben Dosa, Eleazar the Exorcist). Obviously, historians don't think the miraculous claims were historical, but the figures are still thought to have really lived, even if they were the sons of a God and so on.

  8. Знакомства
    Nigar5 months ago

    Could not have one with anyone? Sheesh

  9. Tobei
    Tobei5 months ago

    Not a logical riposte.

  10. Milrajas
    Milrajas4 months ago

    Lol, she didn't refuse him. But you're right, this goes back centuries.

  11. The pledge of allegiance in latin
    Gakora4 months ago

    Stay classy. That was uncalled for. I don't agree with Anna, but it's not necessary to ridicule her.

  12. Знакомства
    Gardajind4 months ago

    who are you replying to? not me you're making less and less sense.

  13. The pledge of allegiance in latin
    Balkree4 months ago

    Well, if you care that much about the foreskins of little boys, go ahead and sue the Government in stead of typing words on a forum.

  14. Kazrazahn
    Kazrazahn4 months ago

    Those things didn't need to be created.

  15. Знакомства
    Grozahn4 months ago

    As long as you are not symptomatic it probably wasn't that bad. Have you seen a cardiologist? Had a stress test?

  16. Знакомства
    Doujas3 months ago

    Why did I talk about the ADA, etc.?

  17. Gozilkree
    Gozilkree3 months ago

    Hitler was a Catholic, and members of his party were only Catholics.

  18. Moshakar
    Moshakar3 months ago

    Bacchus, can you answer me honestly, do you think prophet Muhammad was a good person?

  19. Tujas
    Tujas3 months ago

    Ive already answered TWICE...

  20. The pledge of allegiance in latin
    Zololkis3 months ago

    Ich bin kein Frau. Wo sind die frauen?

  21. Mutaur
    Mutaur2 months ago

    The learning curve for what?

  22. Kajikree
    Kajikree2 months ago

    What's with all the bigoted idiots coming out of the woodwork lately? Are the Brownshirts back in town?

  23. Faebei
    Faebei2 months ago

    "Not all Israel is of Israel"...

  24. The pledge of allegiance in latin
    Brajind2 months ago

    Good morning derelicts!

  25. Araramar
    Araramar1 month ago

    Its an iron age creation myth, it was meant to explain the universe, like all others it is wrong, but that was its goal.

  26. Tashakar
    Tashakar1 month ago

    Follow your bliss that is the positive path

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