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"Agreed. Especially with religion it?s private and people have the right to think what they want"

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  1. Adult adhd fix it
    Vudojind6 months ago

    Just amazing the lack of facts and stuff Trump just throws out for the ignorant masses to soak in. Maybe he wanted to chew on French Pres. Macron the other day about them being at war with Russia in 1812, too. Don't worry Canada, Trump will go after British PM Theresa May next on this invasion thing.

  2. Nell
    Nell6 months ago

    There's no surprise comedy is dead in this PC world.

  3. Brakree
    Brakree6 months ago

    I wonder if there was more to the story than was reported here?

  4. Tedal
    Tedal6 months ago

    That's how it kinda sounded. Did that ones that were not Christians die because Christians were such a threat? You most definitely said THAT.

  5. Vilrajas
    Vilrajas6 months ago

    Lol I don't mind if they don't want to gain understanding either. It's what my uncle used to do, couldn't understand when the convo was over lol.. I'm like OMG OK I GET IT, PLEASE CAN I LEAVE NOW lmao. He would follow you arguing his point.

  6. Adult adhd fix it
    Malakree5 months ago

    "So you think God is a physical being and time dependent ? You know the time is a created entity, so where is God "before" creating the time?"

  7. Знакомства
    Marr5 months ago

    Read Bible, read Quran, ... and read "The great Atheist Bible" ... and compare. Ups, the last one does not exist. But first two and more do. And anyone that have ever read them should know how much evil is there (and yes, some candy here and there). Children should be by law protected by such books of horrors.

  8. Dalabar
    Dalabar5 months ago

    True. But the current set of skills needed for survival is much more likely not to require the cave man skillset, but a college degree.

  9. Знакомства
    Zololmaran4 months ago

    Event: Any change in the status of mind and matter. (Excluding the first status of mind and matter, since time became real only with the second status of mind and matter.)

  10. Знакомства
    Shaktijind4 months ago

    Our ? traditional allies ? are not worth the powder to blow up a London bobby call box. The fact remains that conditions in the world only worsened under the last watch because popularity trumped, shall we say, the ability to get anything done. The ongoing destruction of ISIS ( with Trumps military bagging five top commanders yesterday ), was performed without an iota of assist coming from the top-shelf Euro nations. Neither was the release , in good condition , of all US hostages in NK, nor the tepid response to tariffs , nor the screeching by the Canadian PM over illegal immigration, or Trump, for the first time since Clinton granted China MFN in 1998, holding their feet to the fire over trade deficits . And this is without unheard- of reform in Sunni nations, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the needles of international markets moving north, or throwing Iran into confusion over his backing out of the flawed nuke deal along with the obliteration of Iranian IRG assets in Syria by the IDF.

  11. Знакомства
    Tojakazahn4 months ago

    you are still made up of more bacteria cells than human cells. Your beliefs don't change facts.

  12. Mezinos
    Mezinos4 months ago

    Perhaps the rest of us are unfamiliar with the ?distasteful pop culture? usage of the term ?Texas Sharpshooter.? I certainly am.

  13. Brarg
    Brarg4 months ago

    This conversation is moving out of range from friendly to something else and I won't be able to continue. Bye for now.

  14. Знакомства
    Samushicage4 months ago

    The way not to do that Doc is to blow up the agreements in place and levy tariffs whilst alienating your closest allies and trading partners all over the world...China, the EU, Canada, Mexico...

  15. Faeran
    Faeran4 months ago

    Then I guess a racist can deny service to a black family because they cannot agree to doing business with someone they see as less than human.

  16. Votaur
    Votaur4 months ago

    1. not if the scripture is in question. The bible is an unproven book that has never been independently verified. So, scripture proving scripture is circular

  17. Adult adhd fix it
    Mushakar4 months ago

    You clearly have not know the rules for the channel. I am not a hypocrite. You just have reading comprehension issues.

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