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"Why does my comment bother you so much you felt the need to respond? Honestly, it's the fucking internet and it cost me nothing to give my opinion. Disqus has this cool 'Notifications' feature that tells me when people comment on my comment and it takes me next to no time to respond. I love the internet. It allows me to piss on click bait headlines for my own personal enjoyment."

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I said comeon its only us two in here, u can tell me, I won't laugh. " And without warning, threw the sheet off.

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Watch me. Having had to cope with lots of rejection she is still very resilient but very suspicious of men. He laid his body over hers caressing her breast and kissing her cleavage, mean while stroking his penis against her soft vagina walls.

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She felt sick once her orgasm passed and tears started pouring down her cheeks Dominatus: Go get showered Megan and get some sleep, tomorrow your going to stay home ill from school and I'm going to carry on your training, be online at 9am or I will make sure everyone knows what a little slut you are Megan's heart beat faster and her tears came more quickly as it suddenly set in just how much power he had over her, all she could do was say Megan: Yes Sir, I will be here.

Whatwhat is it and I won't, I promise. I loved it.

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  1. Jujora
    Jujora6 months ago

    This is why players kneel.

  2. Shaktigor
    Shaktigor6 months ago

    Every year I have got material evidence of his existence.

  3. Tusho
    Tusho6 months ago

    awww ((((hugs)))) I know that feeling very well and it sucks. You did the right thing calling SPCA. Doggies are clever little suckers especially when they've been stray for a while so he/she will probably know to avoid the road directly. It's probably good you weren't able to stop for him bc spooking him into the road could have been the outcome if he's skittish about people.

  4. Sex at trade show
    Tegar6 months ago

    I thought that was well known and commonly acknowledged :)

  5. Знакомства
    Makinos6 months ago

    What makes me unable to evaluate my experience. Is that not

  6. Tojagore
    Tojagore6 months ago

    Ha, ha! lefty hack cares about the "feelings" of multi-millionaire sports characters!

  7. Morg
    Morg6 months ago

    Wow, um, you guys really don't know what triggers us.

  8. Meztibei
    Meztibei6 months ago

    Theists often talk nonsense because they believe in a book from the Bronze Age written by people who believed the earth was flat, the sun revolved around the earth, people who were sick or mentally ill were possessed by demons.

  9. Misar
    Misar6 months ago

    Now that was genius!!!!!!

  10. Знакомства
    Kazrajin5 months ago

    Grow a damn brain, and start learning how to "think for yourself."

  11. Shaktijar
    Shaktijar5 months ago

    You're straight out wrong in this case, because no "reform" will give anyone a guaranteed income. This is 100% impossible under capitalism. The only way it could be achieved, temporarily, would be if the Western working classes sold out the 3rd world - but even for that, the Western working classes would have to have some bargaining power, which they simply do not have.

  12. Знакомства
    Bam5 months ago

    Why would the article be a problem for me? It won?t affect policy

  13. Kazrakora
    Kazrakora5 months ago

    Do you ever wear a glove, and pretend it?s somebody else?

  14. Знакомства
    Mekora5 months ago

    In exchange for a new coke supplier, people are saying, allegedly.

  15. Faekasa
    Faekasa4 months ago

    No, NOT "within." That is a false translation/interpretation. The NASB has it correctly as:

  16. Знакомства
    Totaur4 months ago

    Good point. Maybe I need to rethink things...LOL. I'm missing out on some coin.

  17. Meztit
    Meztit4 months ago

    Wait till i drive you around.....imma chat the ish outta you lol

  18. Sex at trade show
    Kitaxe4 months ago

    If any of the above was remotely true, none Muslim immigrants from the same areas would generate the same animosity toward themselves as Muslim immigrants.

  19. Faugrel
    Faugrel3 months ago

    We feel that the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated its political power in the US. It seems to be nicely allied with the Dems.

  20. Vozshura
    Vozshura3 months ago

    First, even if you believe gospel accounts of Jesus, he didn't volunteer to be killed. He was executed.

  21. Sex at trade show
    Fenrisida3 months ago

    Now you are really talking crazy shit. Get a grip man.

  22. Знакомства
    Taubar3 months ago

    Did you send invites by the way?

  23. Meztikazahn
    Meztikazahn3 months ago

    Yikes! We saw something similar about 12 years ago. Remember BTK? We were looking for a house to rent and everything in this one area seemed super cheap. There was even two houses on one street that looked awesome, one for rent, and the other obviously empty house across the street. We tried to rent one, but the owner was flaky about getting back to us. We found another house a few blocks away. When we were talking to the owner of the house we did get, we found out that the nice but empty house that was not for rent or sale belonged to the recently caught serial killer, Dennis Rader, also known as BTK. The city bulldozed the house about 3 months later. I went to work and there was heavy equipment and some cops in front of it. When I got home, there was nothing but flat ground and that green spray they use to seed grass. Not a nail left. The city was worried about looters.

  24. Sex at trade show
    Mautaxe2 months ago

    Do you apply this logic to every imaginary being or just your god?

  25. Kebar
    Kebar2 months ago

    It describes the fear of the atheist. An atheist thinks that someone who can't think rational, can be made to do irrational things, even atrocities. The believer thinks that an atheist who has no fear of god or eternal justice can't have morals and will do immoral things. (Exaggerated for both cases)

  26. Dougal
    Dougal2 months ago

    That is socialist effluvium. It is fatuous to try to make the associations you attempt:

  27. Знакомства
    Taut2 months ago

    So what about the other 80% who aren't?

  28. Sex at trade show
    Tygozilkree2 months ago

    I don?t agree about the baker, but I do think that there were better ways of handling the situation.

  29. Знакомства
    Togor1 month ago

    It's pretty insulting to essentially say "You shouldn't feel that way" - invalidating another person's experience is often insulting at best.

  30. Dourisar
    Dourisar1 month ago

    Hi Martha...I see you're still babbling on about things you know nothing about. And as it would be, I'm still uninterested in reading your hyper-leftist BS. I just don't do morons....and man, oh man do you fit the bill. But you have a nice, delusion filled day and don't go away mad....just go away...lmao.

  31. Знакомства
    Gurr1 month ago

    It is all over Disqus. Islam is constantly berated and criticized as an Abrahamic religion. Any claims about God made by Buddhists are also criticized.

  32. Akinolabar
    Akinolabar1 month ago

    This analysis coincides with observations I've seen elsewhere: that the rise of Trump facilitated and legitimized all kinds of really nasty RW behavior that existed before in a less dramatic and widespread fashion -- among other things, by facilitating communication among such people. Part of the precise point of Trump is utter shamelessness, arising from utter unconcern about others and about the truth. It's not hard to connect that disposition to trolling -- indeed, it seems fundamental to the activity.

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