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Save yourself the instruction

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"What about this? I just discovered it. ??"

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" Cindy looks at Gail with a questioning look and Gail just shrugs her shoulders.

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"Oh all right then" We walked around the corner to the nearest bar, and I bought a few drinks. I just pulled her towel aside a trifle and just rubbed my hand up and down the soft pliant flesh of her leg.

All the time when we were online we'd stack the odds in our favour so opportunity was there all the time - I even gave him my mobile number so he could text me anytime. " Peters friend said to me. He grunted as I shifted to look down at him, calm in sleep, his slanted cheekbones catching the light spilling in through a slit in the curtains.

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  1. Muzuru
    Muzuru1 year ago

    Cite Doug's crimes or stfu.

  2. Shakajinn
    Shakajinn1 year ago

    i also prefer the first one

  3. Знакомства
    Mooguran11 months ago

    Good morning ca.....

  4. Sagami
    Sagami11 months ago

    The 'poor designer' is being judged not by his final product but by the clumsy way He seems to go about doing it. And look who's judging! A human being who can't live a simple life free of contradiction and fears the thoughts in his head.

  5. Shakara
    Shakara11 months ago

    Babble on all you want. Even if your ignorant ravings were accurate, they would still not explain how "creation" worked. That is one reason why "creationism" fails - it can't and doesn't provide a rational and reasonable explanation of how the universe and life came about.

  6. Save yourself the instruction
    Kerisar11 months ago

    Consciousness is denied by materialists? Are you conscious right now? All atheists are open to evidence. The fact that you think knowing what the word evidence means is a flaw called definitional thinking is pretty much the greatest thing I have read all day.

  7. Save yourself the instruction
    Yozshugar11 months ago

    Wars dont cost shit compared to decades of promised future entitlements.

  8. Arashitaur
    Arashitaur10 months ago

    LOL -- *you* are the one doubting! Look at all the nonsense you've poured all over the thread already.

  9. Tauhn
    Tauhn10 months ago

    Ok. There's a collection of ancient writings that say that it is wrong. Some chose to follow it, others don't. If not, it doesn't change what it says. ??

  10. Doukasa
    Doukasa10 months ago

    I can understand the first, but the latter two just seem illogical to me.

  11. Знакомства
    Gujind10 months ago

    But this OP IS an endorsement of the Alt-Right, isn't it?

  12. Знакомства
    Moshakar10 months ago

    Wow what a graceful reply that really shines as an example of how even in these divisive times we can still have actual political discourse and not descend into childish name calling.

  13. Знакомства
    Grosar10 months ago

    Arsenokoites is an unclear word.

  14. Ararr
    Ararr9 months ago

    Got you now.....Osama the Bengali ass bandit from Tower Hamlets!

  15. Zusar
    Zusar9 months ago

    There was nothing grammatically wrong with my post.

  16. Malanos
    Malanos9 months ago

    They are refugees, Lois. Do you have any idea? They were fleeing for their lives to the Great Refuge and we've shown the world that we've lost our way. Our leaders are shameful.

  17. Kigat
    Kigat9 months ago

    HUgs for the small town attitude!

  18. JoJojora
    JoJojora8 months ago

    I didn't say you don't have such knowledge, I said your claim is arrogant. Can you prove that you have such knowledge?

  19. Shakaktilar
    Shakaktilar8 months ago

    Oops I mean eunuch

  20. Nikolkis
    Nikolkis8 months ago

    You seem to be ignorant of religion.

  21. Знакомства
    Megore8 months ago

    The elderly as you know and as I know are already at the age where they cant work or are limited in work. I don't call anyone a deadbeat.

  22. Знакомства
    Akinosida8 months ago

    and if they are 'stories', you and I have no issue. If you want me to believe god drowns babies and that shows love, not so much lol

  23. Darn
    Darn7 months ago

    So -- you claim I don't have valid judgement where it comes to the Bible's errors, but do for the Gita, and Book of Mormon?

  24. Знакомства
    Shaktigami7 months ago

    Me being an atheist only implies I don't believe in gods. Nothing else. You assume everything else because you have a deep phobia of anyone outside your religion.

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