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Adult literacy resource center

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"According to bible chronology, Man is 6043-- The earth was created before that."

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"Oh God Amy. I must say that it surprised me but I liked it. "Fuck Reid!" were her breathless words. I thought back to the pictures Lynn and I had taken of our adventure literacyy her best friend (see part 2 of this story).

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After the first week of lab, four weeks into the classes this was, Faith asked if he knew of a place where they could go to look over the work. Online I'd let him take the lead and seduce me.

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  1. Adult literacy resource center
    Akinogar7 months ago

    The lamb, the "good shepherd", that was Mithra. Was the most popular resurrection deity at the time. The Pope's outfit, the long robe and mitred hat... priests of Mithra wore the same.

  2. Знакомства
    Zubar7 months ago

    So then you believe that the earth is flat, the sun revolved around the earth, and that unicorns and dragons and talking snakes and asses are real?

  3. Dout
    Dout7 months ago

    Well maybe, just maybe the Anglo, but Frenchies?

  4. Adult literacy resource center
    Guktilar7 months ago

    He's erroneous on all counts!

  5. Adult literacy resource center
    Sharisar6 months ago

    Ascension can be cool at times. If he kept his cool and posted using his original id, he would be more than welcome.

  6. Знакомства
    Kazizragore6 months ago

    wow they are willing to not know their grandchildren over it

  7. Zum
    Zum6 months ago

    Perhaps there's an edited, porn-less version of the Christian bible out there? ;)

  8. Adult literacy resource center
    Dizuru6 months ago

    There is only eight million Jews in America

  9. Adult literacy resource center
    Dosida6 months ago

    because he was seen alive after the "execution"

  10. Знакомства
    Ket6 months ago

    That is not what he meant in his comment. He was saying anyone who can do what they claim as far as the paranormal is concerned, should, or would have responded to Randi?s challenge, and by proving themselves genuine, collect $1 million dollars. The fact that no one hasn?t came and ?proven themselves? to ?the great Randi? means nothing. Now, did you get all that? It is a pretty simple comment if you ask me. There?s nothing deep about it at all.

  11. Adult literacy resource center
    Mezilkree5 months ago

    Nice of you to give him the option to be flat out wrong :-)

  12. Kazrakree
    Kazrakree5 months ago

    yeah, not to mention he gets paid to say crap like that. it's not like he's really representative of the people. not like a US representative would be.

  13. Meztigor
    Meztigor5 months ago

    Pity you read what you want into Bible passages.

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