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Cause in discussing czech women

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"Let's debate that tomorrow"

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  1. Cause in discussing czech women
    Kigazilkree9 months ago

    Your reputation precedes you.

  2. Cause in discussing czech women
    Meztill9 months ago

    But... didn't you just say,

  3. Samurr
    Samurr8 months ago

    Ah but who is the biggest hypocrite? Considering a conservative man kicked Joe Biden out of his bakery and then was invited to speak at a campaign rally (with applause from Ryan in the background)...then cries foul about the Red Hen incident.

  4. Kazrakasa
    Kazrakasa8 months ago

    I would still tap that ass

  5. Tatilar
    Tatilar8 months ago

    I would add realclearpolitics to the centre bias- balanced & reputable. Technically, it's not intended to be a news site- but it is, with the adjoining articles.

  6. Gulrajas
    Gulrajas8 months ago

    No insults William. Deleting.

  7. Cause in discussing czech women
    Yogami8 months ago

    It takes more faith to believe in your version of history.

  8. Dishicage
    Dishicage8 months ago

    Just disappeared. Ugh! And I LOVED his character.

  9. Знакомства
    Shakagore7 months ago

    Spoken like a true politician. We can have a fine, safe life spending 75% of what we do, but that doesn't get politicians re-elected.

  10. Teran
    Teran7 months ago

    Are you imagining I'm claiming that?

  11. Gukasa
    Gukasa7 months ago

    I.....I just can't imagine what you must be going through. I'm going to change my FB profile pic to a can of Diet Coke for a show of solidarity! #NEVERFORGET

  12. Cause in discussing czech women
    Kajibar6 months ago

    Rose, thank you for your kind words. Buddhists differ on their personal view of the world - some are optimistic, others pessimistic. I think, however, that most of them adhere to a principle that we've seen worded like, "World change, like charity, 'begins at home' ", "Regime change starts here", and the old Gospel injunction to remove the log from one's own eye before trying to remove the speck from another's. My guess is that world change ought to begin in the individual. Again, a quote, this time from Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world". I suppose that would start with one of the most difficult things imaginable - love and forgiveness toward enemies. If we can do that on a limited individual level, we might be able to extend it to the global level. Maybe "Buddhistic" values could hit a critical mass and the world would undergo positive change once it hits that tipping point. That's my best guess. I don't know if it really has any effective practical application. Time will tell...

  13. Знакомства
    Zumuro6 months ago

    Fair enough. For the purpose of this thread, try to argue the opposite side. The whole Idea is to get out of the echo chamber and really be honest with yourself. It's far too easy to stay in the echo chamber and never really learn.

  14. Знакомства
    Mazutaxe6 months ago

    when you and your bother get a degree in forestry, then i guess you will have sumthin on "sir" ensign

  15. Знакомства
    Nikoll6 months ago

    Oh sweetie. Find a clue, you look silly, Slt.

  16. Cause in discussing czech women
    Gugal5 months ago

    The people you describe are not really representative of what the majority of them want. Gillette provided a link that shows this to a ridiculous extreme that will surely piss you off. It pissed me off. Every day this guy/girl asked these two kindergartners what they wanted to be that day. Presenting them with a choice where there isn't one.

  17. Voodookasa
    Voodookasa5 months ago

    Let me try again, then. Presumably you would be fine with another teacher spewing her right wing politics on her class.

  18. Akinoran
    Akinoran5 months ago

    They live in their own delusional world.

  19. Tygogar
    Tygogar5 months ago

    For those of you who ever plan to buy a new [build] home, here are some things I have learned in the process:

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