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What to do when you pregnant

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"Agree but its like OBGYNs. I want a female one and most of them are men. I end up waiting longer between appts because I want a woman."

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    I am responding to a post where you didn't mention LGBT at all.

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    I must ask: How do you always get Lili to look so regal?

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    I don't personally know what the lead up to the kerfuffle was so I can't speak to that. Given that this was in Lakewood Colorado, very near Denver, You know darn well the couple could have taken their business elsewhere.

  4. What to do when you pregnant
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    No one around Trump has been preparing since 1948, that's your fantasy.

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    I have known a couple of atheists who love singing in the church choir. When I asked one woman what she did during the non-singing bits, she revealed that she often indulged in sexual fantasies.

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    Well he obviously doesn't keep his suite number in there.

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    What does that even mean? "We are all equal in death"... can you flesh that out or is it just flimflam?

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    I just ask a question.

  9. What to do when you pregnant
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    OK. Now i can come to terms with what you propose.

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    so, where did the original thinking come from? That blacks 'had the mark of Cain'? Did it come from god or man?

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    "Most Christians don't identify with the Catholic Church"

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    I'm addressing the 'fame and power' aspect and shining a spotlight that it happens all the time regardless of the industry. And sometimes it doesn't even happen from management. Sometimes it's a regular dude harassing a regular woman and they are at the same level of power.

  13. What to do when you pregnant
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    Please do not post links to other channels, MTG03

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    Definition of supernatural

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    They don't have to pay the Social Cost NOW!!! Trump gave them Big Tax Breaks....

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