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President bush and banning gay marriages

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"You said: "things are created by random events" Please explain."

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  1. President bush and banning gay marriages
    Douzuru1 year ago

    "If I thought you were actually interested, I might take the time to explain."

  2. President bush and banning gay marriages
    Kagul1 year ago

    That's just it!!!

  3. Dale
    Dale1 year ago

    You tryin' to be all fancy now, huh?

  4. President bush and banning gay marriages
    Kigajinn1 year ago

    Insanity huh? Jesus is now white.....I mean come on. Johan Abrahams has some really strange ideology.

  5. Знакомства
    Nigar1 year ago

    Me, me, me!! I've been slacking!!

  6. Yonos
    Yonos1 year ago

    Sure, migrant works (legal and illegal) have shied away from joining unions. Employers do tend to like that.

  7. Знакомства
    Mikakasa1 year ago

    Well pat yourself on the back if shelling out money for BS is something that makes you happy? I guess....

  8. Знакомства
    Digis1 year ago

    Don?t blame me.

  9. Monos
    Monos1 year ago

    PSA: If you see a woman who is tall, DON'T comment "Gee, you're tall." It's not original, it's not funny, and I guarantee you that it isn't the first time she's heard that. Be original.

  10. Kimuro
    Kimuro1 year ago

    Thanks trump. Winning?

  11. Feramar
    Feramar1 year ago

    DT is in overdrive with desensitization and dog whistle politics. It's all about him avoiding being impeached.

  12. Mikataur
    Mikataur1 year ago

    No shit lol

  13. Akinorisar
    Akinorisar1 year ago

    Why when there is no evidence for it?

  14. Faegal
    Faegal1 year ago

    Did Albert Schweitzer get it right?

  15. Zulugal
    Zulugal1 year ago

    I guess I need more of an explanation on what to do with the waste, saying technology will find a way has been the same song for decades and doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different end result is the definition of insanity. The waste in my opinion is the biggest problem and every year wind and solar become cheaper it fools people into believing that?s the answer but people haven?t grasped the fact those technologies can?t provide enough power as a viable solution.

  16. Shaktijin
    Shaktijin11 months ago

    you think it was before or after the passionate phone sex?

  17. Знакомства
    Bram11 months ago

    I know this may come as a surprise to you, but "dead" is more or less an all-or-nothing situation, and that's true regardless of whether death was caused by a bullet, a truck, or a fire.

  18. President bush and banning gay marriages
    Vosida11 months ago

    Promptly escorted out lol

  19. President bush and banning gay marriages
    Kisar11 months ago

    Decent shot 83. Did you beat him?

  20. Знакомства
    Tukree11 months ago

    that to me is different than an emotional affair you were open and honest and told him that you just needed friendship, you mentioned being a borderline agoraphobe which I'm sure he's aware of. You also have made no attempt to hide what you are talking about and I hope that you would be honest with him if he asks about the conversations.

  21. Kesida
    Kesida10 months ago

    When you and I are dead and gone back to stardust Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood and Frodo/Bilbo Baggins and Luke Skywalker and Kal El and Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker as well as Dr's Ock and Doom and Darth Vader and Captains Jame T kirk, Jean Luc Picard and Nemo plus Bugs Bunny and Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin etc and even the gods will be around as ideas. So in the long run who really "exists"?

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