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"Now you are just being disingenuous."

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Emma could feel something being buckled around her waist and the tops of her legs, she couldnt see what it was, though.

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As soon as we made eye contact he slammed the full length of his penis into me. What did you do in her room?" Monica spouted out on her way down the hall.

Not EVER. Her moaning grew louder. I was a terrible wife. The language got worse, and the man started pounding on the door after they closed it again and put two deadbolts on.

And with that, she walked over and threw her arms around Claire. 'Mary, would you excuse us for a bit?' She said, actually looking at me. She then said very quietly. She tasted sweetness, and the object started to melt, coating her tongue with dark, tasty satisfaction.

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  1. Kagaktilar
    Kagaktilar8 months ago

    Both "major" parties are a complete dumpster fire.

  2. Kigazuru
    Kigazuru8 months ago

    Think hard, I already did.

  3. Dizil
    Dizil8 months ago

    Ok- We agree on that .

  4. Yozshular
    Yozshular8 months ago

    Yet look who obsesses....

  5. Kezragore
    Kezragore7 months ago

    I even said APPLICABILITY ASIDE. There is ZERO mention of political ideology or job in the Constitution.

  6. Знакомства
    Neshura7 months ago

    It is my understanding that there are 41,000 or more different standard Christian Theological points of view from the modern age. Where to begin?

  7. Kekus
    Kekus7 months ago

    It was fulfilled at the Cross.

  8. Shagami
    Shagami7 months ago

    Sadly, just more evidence of the crazy dichotomies which exist in ALL people with current emphasis on 'the dark side' and specifically in the political realm. His timing, the unmitigated hubris cannot be excused by old age which generally presents as wisdom over time, provided dementia isn't a factor. If EVER there was a time that we REQUIRED former POTUS to lead by example, it is now. Instead, what we have been served, IMHO is more proof that the in your face, full of shitness we have been experiencing with 45, is perhaps just that...a more 'in your face' presentation of some serious pathologies which have existed at the highest levels of our government for time immemorial.

  9. The real oc girl nude
    Dujas7 months ago

    If you're a woman might I ask if you've ever changed your mind about something you swore you'd never do?

  10. Zolojinn
    Zolojinn7 months ago

    Cute belief. Odd that your most coherent moment is when you copy past something.

  11. The real oc girl nude
    Gale6 months ago

    Oh, that is so FUNNY :-)

  12. Musida
    Musida6 months ago

    Yes they learn when parents care.

  13. Akim
    Akim6 months ago

    1. When have I ever spoke of politics?

  14. Знакомства
    Dijin6 months ago

    I don't wish for an untimely end, only that the Lord would take him home soon.. ??

  15. Знакомства
    Tolabar6 months ago

    Sorry. Corrected, Are you a Bible scholar or just go by what people tell you or read an atheist website?

  16. The real oc girl nude
    Musho6 months ago

    I mean unless they're Russians. Then they organize fine.

  17. Faelrajas
    Faelrajas5 months ago

    I still question why the husband is just now hearing about these friends and not before.

  18. Nekazahn
    Nekazahn5 months ago

    That would be great but some domestic US employers are competing against an international market and rises in labor costs could make them unprofitable. If flower producers in Sandusky, Ohio charge $5 for a product because they have to pay union wages and benefits and the same product can be sold by a Chinese company for $3 that doesn't have to follow those rules/labor costs...the US company is probably going to lose out...right?

  19. The real oc girl nude
    Gorn5 months ago

    Drop by and say hi. We are going to take over the channel as our own. lol

  20. The real oc girl nude
    Akikazahn5 months ago

    Ross's character arc is that he grows through experience and the reward for his growth is he "wins" her (to use your verb above), thus validating him as a character. This kind of narrative is absolutely part of the problem (and it's a part of the problem that you can't see that). Why not have it so that Rachel isn't interested in him. Then he grows as a person, and she still isn't interested in him -- but that's OK because the growth he's undergone has allowed him to validate himself in other ways? That would be a much healthier and more honest message.

  21. Kim
    Kim5 months ago

    Too many people have tattos for that to be a relevant statement nowadays.

  22. Mezim
    Mezim5 months ago

    At least for section 107 that was referenced in the forbes article, it looks like it

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