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"All the top GOPers (and most who voted for Trump) keep saying: ?no obstruction, no collusion!?"

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  1. Gular
    Gular1 year ago

    I doubt that.

  2. Знакомства
    Samurg11 months ago

    "According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which oversees the E-Verify program, an estimated 763,500 employers were taking part in the program as of Jan. 16.

  3. Zuluzuru
    Zuluzuru11 months ago

    Its basic. You can't twist it out of what it says.

  4. Dobei
    Dobei11 months ago

    As I am not the claimant, I don't have to prove anything. Proving is your job.

  5. Знакомства
    Grokus11 months ago

    Ordinary Americans are poor...even "destitute" according to this Marxist moron!

  6. Знакомства
    Mok11 months ago

    Your first try at replying was pathetic enough. But taking the time and going back and editing it and adding in the "The only sycophant here, appears to be you.

  7. Sashura
    Sashura11 months ago

    I have since heard this child story and am ashamed I made the comment.

  8. Знакомства
    Yojar11 months ago

    And there are passages in the Bible, when taken out of context, sound just like passages out of the Quran taken out of context. To which you will say "But you must interpret them properly and understand them in context", which is EXACTLY what the Muslims say about the Quran.

  9. Faukasa
    Faukasa10 months ago

    LOL wow this is a new one

  10. Tygokinos
    Tygokinos10 months ago

    Really? That's not an encouraging question. I guess I'll need to know that you want to engage in serious conversation, and of a reasonable level of sophistication, before I spend a lot of time on what might be just another evolution evangelist. But the similarity between DNA in the various species, that would be an example of the correlation.

  11. Enorme queue pour ma cherie
    Arazahn10 months ago

    Who determines that balance? the government? you? the media? the collective we?

  12. Enorme queue pour ma cherie
    Kajigor10 months ago

    Remember it was the Franks in 1204 that first take Byzantium. They just anticipate the Turks by 250 years. The difference was that the Turks were right there while the Franks came from far away and then left again.

  13. Знакомства
    Basida10 months ago

    Ugh IMMEDIATELY resorting to the echo chamber insult too like a candy-ass lil twatnozzle.

  14. Знакомства
    Togar9 months ago

    No, ?vigorously defending them? in every post to a party that no longer wants to hear them or cares to further engage is not a skillset that any normal person should hone or develop. Thats merely called antagonizing at that point and you (generally here) only look like an annoying jackass. As with most conversations, whether they are debates or just general ?discussions,? there is a definitive beginning and end and it?s a good idea to recognize as such if we are sharpening social skills. Replying multiple times to one poster with the same viewpoint which is out of scope of the post to begin with, then vocalizing dismay when people disagree with it will only make people avoid you. Particularly when the point of further replies isn?t to gain insight or understanding as to their viewpoint but merely to try and either prove the person ?wrong? or to get them to concede that you are ?right.? We are not in a court nor a debate team where the point here is to ?win,? and that is the problem with most conversations or ?debates? had in the current political climate and what makes most people pettywap azzholes.

  15. Groll
    Groll9 months ago

    "testable evidence"? So basically you don't accept any historical evidence of anything, is that right?

  16. Знакомства
    Guzilkree9 months ago

    And that is not atypical?

  17. Tygokinos
    Tygokinos9 months ago

    It's really just a joke, Alan. You're not missing anything.

  18. Nikojinn
    Nikojinn9 months ago

    I didn't bother reading ypur reply. Mental masturbation.

  19. Mazujas
    Mazujas9 months ago

    And that's where the issues arise.

  20. Arashigami
    Arashigami9 months ago

    More often they are called out for the racism and sexism of their ancestors, who are mostly dead. They themselves are keen to see the issue die and everyone get on with their lives. There are very few left who should be constantly called out. The nobles have all been guillotined, so now we need someone, anyone to take the blame for our persisting ills, since beheading all the aristocrats clearly hasn't helped.

  21. Kakasa
    Kakasa8 months ago

    Like a moth to a flame, or lady to a shoestore.

  22. Enorme queue pour ma cherie
    Nagis8 months ago

    your god does jack shit because he doesn't exist. you are the people who get taken advantage. Of course you believe God is in control of everything, because you don't know better.

  23. Nahn
    Nahn8 months ago

    What race specifically are you talking about when calling me a racist?

  24. Voodoojar
    Voodoojar8 months ago

    ALL republicans have to do to win in November is INFORM the American people that on 4-15-2019 EVERYONE will be getting a TAX CUT when BOTH the standard and CTC deductions DOUBLE! Then run ads showing Nancy Pelosi saying IF demoRATS retake Congress those tax cuts a will be repealed! Oh, did you see, moderate Senate demoRAT Joe Minchin said he REGRETS voting for Hillary in 2016 and he could vote for Trump in 2020? LOL

  25. Знакомства
    Katilar8 months ago

    Yes. Your incorrect protrayal of the OP, which you then make use of to dismiss the subject, constitues a perfect example of a strawman.

  26. Знакомства
    Nikolkis8 months ago

    So far for the EU, Canada, and Mexico the % of tariffs on imported US products, is quite small compared to the total amount of imports, China, on the other hand, is a different story, my advice to Trump, drop all the silly economic and national security nonsense, then go visit any general store in the US and soon realize you cannot win a trade war against China

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