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Rocky patel vintage 1992 mini belicoso

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"I don't think HE dog whistled them, so much that the idea that you put the USA first appealed to them. Of course they (the bigots) don't think about the fact that "we" are a melting pot, and the Far Left wants to forget about the fact that "we" (The US) are built on The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights..."

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  1. Dailkree
    Dailkree11 months ago

    Sadly, what it tells us is that Parole Boards in the US are staffed by people who consider religious belief of any sort to be meritorious, and Christian belief to be most meritorious.

  2. Gogar
    Gogar11 months ago

    ok, i don't care. again, it has nothing to do with my original response.

  3. Rocky patel vintage 1992 mini belicoso
    Gardazshura11 months ago

    Trump has no connection to the amusement park. Your sources lied to you, rapist.

  4. Rocky patel vintage 1992 mini belicoso
    Zulumuro11 months ago

    Meh. Winning and losing the game depends on the score; winning an MVP depends on subjective voters. That's life.

  5. Yozshugore
    Yozshugore11 months ago

    I said politely " I suggest reading the article first before commenting next time." Not sure why you're still taking great offense to that. No details on the shooter have been released aside from him being 13 years old and being a boy. Even your "white kid" statement is an assumption at this point albeit more than likely the case.

  6. Rocky patel vintage 1992 mini belicoso
    Voodookinos11 months ago

    I could have said so to your comment...

  7. Знакомства
    Vudojar10 months ago

    Looks great. How do I get there?

  8. Akinos
    Akinos10 months ago

    it really is more useful to give your take on it along with the link

  9. Знакомства
    Yogami10 months ago

    And loss of control, ALOT of people including me had trouble dealing with that

  10. Tern
    Tern10 months ago

    I looked up the origin of the term Fundamentalism." It refers to a specific system of doctrine published as "The Fundamentals," published over a century ago. My comment is in keeping with that definition.

  11. Akigul
    Akigul9 months ago

    Gosh knows...I'm not expert in evolution! And, I'm fortunate in that regard in that my sense of spirit in no way necessitates an acceptance--or otherwise!--of evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin and those who've enhanced his ideas since.

  12. Mazugore
    Mazugore9 months ago

    Forming an answer doesn't have to involve crunching data. Some answers come instinctively based on what you are taught growing up. It doesn't have to be religious teaching. It could simply be learning from observation, like a child watching their parents behavior.

  13. Знакомства
    Tujas9 months ago

    Freddy is not enjoying the heat.

  14. Brarg
    Brarg9 months ago

    It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game. Remember that.

  15. Dom
    Dom8 months ago

    Because it's not occurring with the vigor of gun homicide.

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